Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music Video Research Task 21/11/13

My two Videos i have chosen for a Negative Representation are
California Girls by Katy Perry
Pour It Up- Rihanna

California Girls.

I have chosen this because this makes out like women are just candy to men, throughout the whole video there is lots of evidence to support this, and that women are hugely misrepresented in music.
Throughout the video all of the girls are dressed in either two or one piece bikinis or short skirts, this is there to show of these girls body's, especially with the videos theme, the women are all seen as just candy for Snoop Dogg, who even has a pimp cane. It's even worse when Katy Perry is seen laying completely naked on a cloud of Candy Floss. All these props perceive the women as pieces of food (candy) which are just there to be controlled, ogled at and dress as scantily clad as they can. Many of the camera work is switching from person to person to fit the music, but many shots are as close as they can get to the women to show them of, checking them up and down, also they incorporate some long shots to get a good view of the most amount of 'Candy' as possible. Overall this shows women in a very bad way, being controlled by one man overlooking them all in there, little clothing, and the innuendoes in the lyrics and videos could blow the roof of any candy shop, hopefully not full of ones causing this atrocity.    
                                                                                    The Next Video is Pour it Up by Rihanna

This one i have chosen because there is zero subtlety of the representation in this video, Rihanna sits in a demanding golden chair to look like she has authority, but she sits there in a pair of short skirts, that have then been torn apart to reveal her red underwear, accompanied by  a bra, barely covering her made out of a pear/diamond chain, not a good look. Within the video she just sits on her chair singing as strippers shake there booties and 'work the pole'. Many of the strippers scenes are put into slow motion, this is used to better show the girls off, again using the girls of objects to make a 'entreating' video. This seriously misrepresents women as it just talks about them working the club and the strip pole and generally showing off there bodies in what seems like clothes made of string.