Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Representation Homework 20/3/14

This is my chosen magazine front cover, it is for the magazine PRIDE.

From this magazine i can tell that this is mainly aimed at a more middle class, working type of audience, this is highlighted in the magazines use of typography, the fonts used on PRIDE are sans serif, sans serif font are used for a more chatty, laid back and informal audience, and that is the style in which the cover lines and stories are, rather than a flashy upper class magazine with relevant stories and not about getting tribal prints.

I can suss out that this magazine is more aimed at a female audience, this is because of many things. One of those is the clear aspirational female figure on the front of the magazine, it gives the readers someone to look up, and i as a man don't what to be Kellis. Also the use of colours, light pinks and reds, with some burgundy come across as a quite feminine colour range, compared to blacks and blues for the men. Finally we have the many cover lines that show the stories within, and most of these stories are those of a female interest. For example 'The black girl who turned white' ; 'Get that flat stomach for summer in 5 easy steps", something more aimed at women and not men.

On this magazines front cover i can deduce that mainly aimed at black people, starting off we have an aspirational black women on the front, this could mean it is for a black audience. Also a lot of the cover lines feature stories that are about black people, for example Alexandra Burke- A black singer, Wesley snipes - A famous black actor and Macy Gray - Another black singer. Also a story entitled the black girl who turned white. Also i think the title PRIDE could be linked to a PRIDE in the black culture and being a black person in to todays society.

I think the sexuality in this magazine will be for a mostly heterosexual audience, this is because it features stories about famous black men and women, there is no clear evidence of a homosexual styling to it, but the idea of PRIDE may be excelled as it is the pride for Black homosexual Women in todays society, and a very unique magazine for them.

I believe this magazine is aimed at women around 25-30, this is because the women featured on the magazine are not as young as other possible stars in the black culture, for example Wesley Snipes is now 51, not a person a 18 year old might look up to, there are also stories about aspirational women that meet this age range, and would most likely be appealing to women of that age.