Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lifestyle Magazine: Direct Address 19/12/13

Many, if not all lifestyle magazines include a direct address from the featuring model in the issue, direct address is when someone, the model, looks directly into the camera in a photo shoot or just a normal photo, when they do this it creates the effect that the person in the photo is looking right at you, directly, focusing on you and giving you attention, it creates a nice effect that many people enjoy. This will possibly rope people into having a look and most probably purchasing the magazine, come on, who doesn't like a pretty women looking them in the eye? Another good use of direct address is frequently used in the story lines, people will glance over to the magazine seeing someone looking right at them with words like, "You can slim down fast!" - "You can look the best in any bikini!" -"FOR YOU, these new fashion tips for you looking your best!"- This is very clever as people can thing, "who me? i can look fabulous in a beach body!" and they'll be taking out a subscription in no time. Both of these clever techniques are perfect for advertising and marketing as people can easily get roped in by the words you, or someone beautiful eyes.

Lifestyle Magazines: Layout 19/12/13

This is the cover of a certain lifestyle magazine, ELLE. I will start with the huge and obvious title of the magazine, normally in big bold letters and a very understandable font, this is done to show make the magazine easily recognisable on the shelfs when people are looking for what to read, this is also clear done with the story lines, these are to promote the stories within the magazine that people will want to read, these are purposely displayed on the side, not only to make way for the model who is displayed on the front cover (usually to go with a story within), but most importantly they are put there for the promotion for when they are on the shelves, people will see these story lines and be intrigued by what else is inside the magazine, reeling them in for a purchase. There is a different proportion of sizes of these story lines, the bigger the story and or article, the bigger the font, some of them are huge adverts for the article within taking up most of the page, others seem like little scribbles of information, but all of this advertising is written in a chatty tone, just like most of the information within, for example- "Sexy shoes, must+have bags&chic".