Sunday, 23 February 2014

Magazine Front Cover


-The font colour and background mix well together.

-The image is a correct image for this sort of magazine style.

-The font variations give it a interesting look.


- If i fully finished my front cover.

-My image could have been one that included direct address (eye contact).

- I could have added more colours to the fonts, one colour may seem a bit boring.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lifestyle Colour Connotations 3

This is an issue of Red magazine , as you can tell, the title is a red font a swell as some cover lines, for the title, red is a very eye catching, it also is a very energetic colour and provides a nice boost of energy or a hopefully exciting read. Also many of the cover lines are red to give it a energetic and fun look, but also there are elements of black colours, these stand out among the red and work really well with numerical text. And last we have the background, now this background is also in a area like a garden or woodland, there are nice green colours behind Ms Paltrow, as well has the relaxing garden feel as the background, the green provides a feeling of love, balance and harmony, things needed for a good read.

Lifestyle Colour Connotations 2

The magazine front cover if from a Cycling magazine, first we have the cover lines, there are many different varieties in the colour for this magazine, but the mane colour seems to be a mix of black and red, as red is said to increase your physical energy, this is perfect for a magazine of cycling, a very physical activity. The title for this magazine is a simple white, this could provide a calm feeling or a neutrality in feeling, as white is a neutral colour, cancelling out the black. The background on this magazine is of a rural cycling way or path, this is great as it relaxes you with a nice calm environment, one you definitely need for cycling, and no exception for reading about it.

Lifestyle Colour Connotations 1

This is a cover for an issue of marvel fact files, it features many different colours ranging from the main image to the cover lines and of course the background. The logo for the magazine is quite bold, a big red writing of MARVEL, this is a very energetic colour and can possibly get you pumped up for a good read, underneath is it has the words Fact Files, they are in a greyish black colour, this may not serve as a real purpose for a certain type of feeling, it is jut there for the information of the magazine. The fonts features a white coloured main cover line, with extra information in yellow, these are very bright colours, and the yellow is said to stimulate and increase the feeling of fun and humour, something everyone needs, you don't want to be reading an article about cosmic entities feeling really down, no one does.Last but not least we have the background, the background is a very important part of a magazine front cover, this issue has a very eye-catching white and blue shining background, and blue increases calmness and peace, nothing is better than sitting down to a good read in serenity.


Colour Connotations In Magazines

Different Colours can convey different meanings or connotations to the viewer.
 Different magazines, especially special interest magazines will have specific colours for the specific audiences.

            If i was designing a magazine for sports, the background i would use would be red, this is because study show that when people see the colour red it increases Physical Energy, something extremely important needed in sport.

               For a gaming magazine i may use a yellow colour, as it increases fun, and humour, something  you always need to have, especially when your gaming, and it shouldn't be different while reading a gaming magazine.

            For a magazine specifically focused on ponies, i would just the colours of Blue and Indigo, this is because it increases a feel of calmness, peace and love, a nice feel of serenity as you read about nice, flourishing ponies.