Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Lifestyle Magazine: Direct Address 19/12/13

Many, if not all lifestyle magazines include a direct address from the featuring model in the issue, direct address is when someone, the model, looks directly into the camera in a photo shoot or just a normal photo, when they do this it creates the effect that the person in the photo is looking right at you, directly, focusing on you and giving you attention, it creates a nice effect that many people enjoy. This will possibly rope people into having a look and most probably purchasing the magazine, come on, who doesn't like a pretty women looking them in the eye? Another good use of direct address is frequently used in the story lines, people will glance over to the magazine seeing someone looking right at them with words like, "You can slim down fast!" - "You can look the best in any bikini!" -"FOR YOU, these new fashion tips for you looking your best!"- This is very clever as people can thing, "who me? i can look fabulous in a beach body!" and they'll be taking out a subscription in no time. Both of these clever techniques are perfect for advertising and marketing as people can easily get roped in by the words you, or someone beautiful eyes.

Lifestyle Magazines: Layout 19/12/13

This is the cover of a certain lifestyle magazine, ELLE. I will start with the huge and obvious title of the magazine, normally in big bold letters and a very understandable font, this is done to show make the magazine easily recognisable on the shelfs when people are looking for what to read, this is also clear done with the story lines, these are to promote the stories within the magazine that people will want to read, these are purposely displayed on the side, not only to make way for the model who is displayed on the front cover (usually to go with a story within), but most importantly they are put there for the promotion for when they are on the shelves, people will see these story lines and be intrigued by what else is inside the magazine, reeling them in for a purchase. There is a different proportion of sizes of these story lines, the bigger the story and or article, the bigger the font, some of them are huge adverts for the article within taking up most of the page, others seem like little scribbles of information, but all of this advertising is written in a chatty tone, just like most of the information within, for example- "Sexy shoes, must+have bags&chic".

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music Video Research Task 21/11/13

My two Videos i have chosen for a Negative Representation are
California Girls by Katy Perry
Pour It Up- Rihanna

California Girls.

I have chosen this because this makes out like women are just candy to men, throughout the whole video there is lots of evidence to support this, and that women are hugely misrepresented in music.
Throughout the video all of the girls are dressed in either two or one piece bikinis or short skirts, this is there to show of these girls body's, especially with the videos theme, the women are all seen as just candy for Snoop Dogg, who even has a pimp cane. It's even worse when Katy Perry is seen laying completely naked on a cloud of Candy Floss. All these props perceive the women as pieces of food (candy) which are just there to be controlled, ogled at and dress as scantily clad as they can. Many of the camera work is switching from person to person to fit the music, but many shots are as close as they can get to the women to show them of, checking them up and down, also they incorporate some long shots to get a good view of the most amount of 'Candy' as possible. Overall this shows women in a very bad way, being controlled by one man overlooking them all in there, little clothing, and the innuendoes in the lyrics and videos could blow the roof of any candy shop, hopefully not full of ones causing this atrocity.    
                                                                                    The Next Video is Pour it Up by Rihanna

This one i have chosen because there is zero subtlety of the representation in this video, Rihanna sits in a demanding golden chair to look like she has authority, but she sits there in a pair of short skirts, that have then been torn apart to reveal her red underwear, accompanied by  a bra, barely covering her made out of a pear/diamond chain, not a good look. Within the video she just sits on her chair singing as strippers shake there booties and 'work the pole'. Many of the strippers scenes are put into slow motion, this is used to better show the girls off, again using the girls of objects to make a 'entreating' video. This seriously misrepresents women as it just talks about them working the club and the strip pole and generally showing off there bodies in what seems like clothes made of string. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

PhotoShop Homework Part 2

Typing On a Path

What better way to finish your Photoshop work than by adding text? Text lets you add witty remarks and character to your image, giving it a sense of completion—or, you could be accidentally generating the next big meme. Either way, here’s a few tips on how to lively up your photos, besides adding thought bubbles or diagonal text. 
You’ll need to create a path for the text to follow; do this by selecting the pen tool and make sure that paths is selected in the options bar towards the top of the window. Go ahead and create yourself a fun little shape. You can pretty much shape it however you like, but make sure it has some sort of fluidity. Otherwise, the text could come out looking a bit awkward and illegible.
You can also type according to the outline of a preloaded Photoshop shape or manipulate the text box so that the end result looks like the shape itself. To do so, make sure you have the pen tool selected and click the shape you’d like for your text box (it can be anything: a square, a circle, a heart, or a custom shape). Make sure that it is selected and then point your cursor inside the box (your cursor will have the text symbol with a circle around it). Click and type. 
Take note of the various cursor states. You can decide on a start-point by dragging the cursor either way—the choice is yours. When you’re finished, you can either click on the outside of the shape selection or click on the check mark on the right side of the options bar, towards the top of the window.

 Typing text on a shape's path 
Typing inside a shape
Quick Tip:  You can make your own shapes for the text boxes if you have a very complex graphic. Simply select the pen tool, customize your shape (making sure all open ends are closed), and then right click “Define Custom Shape”. Give it an alias of your choice and accept the changes. It should be available at the end of the custom shapes list.

Monday, 7 October 2013

WWW and EBI of my Stereotypes Presentation

WWW- I showed a good analysis of both the video by pink and Justin Bieber.
           - My presentation of my actual presentation was good as I projected my voice when I spoke.
           - My presentation clearly showed my presentation  i put effort on my presentation.
           - We worked well as a team to get the presentation done.

EBI   -We used more media in our presentation e.g music and pictures
          - Make sure to use proper grammar and not use possible offensive words.
          - Try and Make our Presentation more Dynamic and Stand out.

Stereotypes Presentation

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Homework Stereotype task Wednesday 2nd October

Hip hop presents a very rigid and narrow version of manhood - one that suggests that to be a "real man" you must be strong and tough, you must have a lot of women and money, you must always be in control, and you must always dominate women and other men.

In the first video, Candy Shop by 50 cent, it doesn't really give any direct links to a version of manhood, it does however show someone with a substantial amount of money and their hand. They are perceived  as being very wealthy with fast cars and fluffy jackets like 50 cent's. Also he seems to know a lot of women who have this certain profession. Candy Shop- is basically a Brothel with women on display left right and centre with a variety to "choose from". As for the presence of men in the video, there is none, only one other man who just has some women with him, 50 cent in the video is definitely in control, he swaggers into this 'Candy Shop" as he is a customer and the women are all there to serve him, as the women are on their own, candies.

In the Second video Big Pimpin by JAY-Z, again this doesn't give a direct link to manhood, but it gives a much stronger one than Candy Shop. There is also more men in this video as they sent up the main premiss of the video. It definitely has a more strong and tough feel as most of them have Tank tops of no tops, attempting to show of there muscle and prowess. The obviously show off their wealth by throwing money out into a crowd of people without a car in the world. They are on a huge luxury boat which looks pretty pricey, that is all pimped out with the jacuzzis and whatnot, also they freely tip out what looks like bottles of champagne, liquid gold. As well as their wealth status, they also have around 30 girls all prancing around the boat in there bikinis, a lot of women, it definitely supports that one! The women are there like trophies, this is showing the implement of male dominance in the Hip-Hop culture, they have obvious control over them as they freely grasp them, pour drinks over them and ogling all of different women one by one.

If you do not live up to these ideals, you will be ridiculed for not being man enough. You will be called names like "soft, weak and wimp".

In 50 Cent's Candy Shop, especially in this video, 50 Cent seems to be the only man there, alone in this candy shop. He only seems to be singing about the candy shop and its contents, not anything related to peoples man hood.

Its mostly the same story in Big Pimpin, as their main focus is on them, Big Pimpin. It is more about them and there money, women and more money. Just like Candy Shop there is no link to your manhood and what you do and your money, just mainly about the song titles. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photoshop logo task

My final photoshop image looks like a good logo for a IT Ravenswood show, I have been able to incorporate some relevant pictures to my task and merge them for a final image. I am happy that my design looks whole and it makes sense, relevant to my topic, it is a IT session after school where things are out of hand. I was able to add my title accross the middle in a bright and bold coulour scheme, easier to see with my background. Some of my images had a green coulor to them to I was able to link that to Ravenswood's signature green coulor. There is also a clear example of the Ravenswood logo, what are show is all about.

I could have made my picture better if I had used some more advanced tools with my design as people may think it is just a bunch of images stuck on a page with text. I will make more of an effort to make my logo more dynamic and unique and use this to help improve my photoshopping skills .

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Skills in Photoshop


Masking uses the Brush Tool or the Selection Tools to isolate portions of an image. The important part about masking is it leaves the original image completely intact, allowing you to easily make changes later. A Layer Mask is a gray scale map on top of a layer that displays the layer where the map is white and hides the layer where the map is black.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Connotation and Denotation

Denotation: A gloved hand on a naked women's bum.
Connotation: A theme of a sexy picture, also they are called the Strokes
Denotation: A album cover description, distorted my pink wavy lines.
Connotation:The colour scheme looks quite feminine, also like a bright night club lights
Denotation: A Skeleton and a Devil in fire.
Connotation: A huge sentinel Skeleton playing with the devil in hell
 Denotation: 5 men in suits and ties and one women standing in the middle with a zebra stripe    background.
 Connotation: A front woman standing proud and tall, surrounded by the rest of the band looking strong, also a title in lipstick red
Denotation: 4 men in a dark place with light on there faces and one with there hands up
Connotation: The affect is making them look very big (in the music industry) and i true reflection of there music, glam rock.
Denotation: A man in darkness with light on his face.
Connotation: A deep thought looking right into you, where ever you are

Denotation: Wavy lines, like a sound wave, but resembling a mountain.
Connotation: A simple image of sound waves in an isolated environment with zero text just floating there,  just a noise
Denotation: 4 men simply standing around a bit of stone
Connotation: 4 men who i acting Rebel- Like Who , (haha get it), have just urinated on this stone monolith
Denotation:I man shaking hands with a man in a sunny place
Connotation: A postcard with, well dressed men, which one is on fire, with the slogan wish you were here, possibly the man doesn't want to show his true feelings of getting burned.
Denotation: A man with a hat in his pocket on red and white stripy background
Connotation: A true american album, (for a true american artist) on an American flag background sporting the red white and blue.


As me , i geek out IMDb looking for new films and interesting facts, and i saw while back, Robocop, i thought Great another Hollywood remake to take in lots of money, then i saw the trailer i think i may be right. Robobcop is a classic film brilliant and action packed, Peter Weller was a perfect fit, and after Robocop i just cant help to compare with the original it just wont match up, we need another Clarrence Bodicker! I mean look at this, yeah 1987 us bulkier and more mechanic looking but at least he is Robo! Whats with the hand? It just looks like armour to me, and old 1987 will always shine bright of the city of Detroit, 2014 will just see, what the hell is that floating red line?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Waterloo road case study

                                                            Waterloo Road Case Study

This is the Waterloo Road Logo
It is made up of Tables and Desks looking trashed and messy with all of the students stuff everywhere. They may have chosen this as it is set in a school and this is school desks, we also get an impression of a messy disorganised school full of trouble makers that it is.    
 Here is a set of character they are some of the staff at Waterloo roads, some of them can be considered  as a stereotype,for example an old grouchy and grumpy teacher, preferably bald. Also a young attractive secretary. There is also i wide range of cast members ranging from ages, social groups, ethnicities and sex.

Waterloo road is on on Wednesdays at 8PM on BBC One, this is just before the watershed so kids will be likely to be going to bed right now so older kids and adults can watch this without distraction, or exposing their young children the inappropriate stuff, possibly giving them bad influences.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tuesday Time

On Tuesday i watched the next Episode of Breaking Bad on Netlfix, as it comes out every sunday in America on AMC, and Sunday on Netflix :D, then i finished that off with some Dexter.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Monday, School :(

I went on youtube and watched a couple TF2 Videos (this is a game) and then moved onto Netflix and watched the last Episode of Season 3

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sunday the 1st

Today i woke up from a film night and then went to Tennis, thats media? Its on TV?
Then i went on to Youtube and watched VGHS Season 2 Episode 6 Finale it was good end to a good series (but there will be a season 3).
Then i continued to play on Steam, as this is a game program full of awesome games by valve.
After that i went to bed and watched some Dexter, only one more episode till i finished season 3.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Saturday NIGHTT

Was same old same old, lots of Games and Netflix(Media as of Games, TV and Film) , then i watched the Film Elektra, as this is a film it is media, then lots of mock the Week a TV Show, which is media

Friday 30th August

I came home and played lots of Gmod (once again, i do this alot) as this is a video game it is media related then (again) i watched Netflix as it is a Media Haven of TV and Film , then watched Back to the Future as it is a Film it is Media Related.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Hanging out on Youtube watching random videos and songs, this is a essential media hub full of awesome stuff, i also have a youtube channel here-Its a me

(this is one of my thumbnails)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Went to play Steam as it is a games engine and played Gmod this is a game so it is relevant to media, after that i watched lots of Netlfix, this is relevant to media as it is jam packed with TV and Film.
This is Gman
Came home and played Pokemon Pearl with my little brother as he played Platinum, this is related to media as it is a video game and it is advertised and highly popular.