Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photoshop logo task

My final photoshop image looks like a good logo for a IT Ravenswood show, I have been able to incorporate some relevant pictures to my task and merge them for a final image. I am happy that my design looks whole and it makes sense, relevant to my topic, it is a IT session after school where things are out of hand. I was able to add my title accross the middle in a bright and bold coulour scheme, easier to see with my background. Some of my images had a green coulor to them to I was able to link that to Ravenswood's signature green coulor. There is also a clear example of the Ravenswood logo, what are show is all about.

I could have made my picture better if I had used some more advanced tools with my design as people may think it is just a bunch of images stuck on a page with text. I will make more of an effort to make my logo more dynamic and unique and use this to help improve my photoshopping skills .

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Skills in Photoshop


Masking uses the Brush Tool or the Selection Tools to isolate portions of an image. The important part about masking is it leaves the original image completely intact, allowing you to easily make changes later. A Layer Mask is a gray scale map on top of a layer that displays the layer where the map is white and hides the layer where the map is black.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Connotation and Denotation

Denotation: A gloved hand on a naked women's bum.
Connotation: A theme of a sexy picture, also they are called the Strokes
Denotation: A album cover description, distorted my pink wavy lines.
Connotation:The colour scheme looks quite feminine, also like a bright night club lights
Denotation: A Skeleton and a Devil in fire.
Connotation: A huge sentinel Skeleton playing with the devil in hell
 Denotation: 5 men in suits and ties and one women standing in the middle with a zebra stripe    background.
 Connotation: A front woman standing proud and tall, surrounded by the rest of the band looking strong, also a title in lipstick red
Denotation: 4 men in a dark place with light on there faces and one with there hands up
Connotation: The affect is making them look very big (in the music industry) and i true reflection of there music, glam rock.
Denotation: A man in darkness with light on his face.
Connotation: A deep thought looking right into you, where ever you are

Denotation: Wavy lines, like a sound wave, but resembling a mountain.
Connotation: A simple image of sound waves in an isolated environment with zero text just floating there,  just a noise
Denotation: 4 men simply standing around a bit of stone
Connotation: 4 men who i acting Rebel- Like Who , (haha get it), have just urinated on this stone monolith
Denotation:I man shaking hands with a man in a sunny place
Connotation: A postcard with, well dressed men, which one is on fire, with the slogan wish you were here, possibly the man doesn't want to show his true feelings of getting burned.
Denotation: A man with a hat in his pocket on red and white stripy background
Connotation: A true american album, (for a true american artist) on an American flag background sporting the red white and blue.


As me , i geek out IMDb looking for new films and interesting facts, and i saw while back, Robocop, i thought Great another Hollywood remake to take in lots of money, then i saw the trailer i think i may be right. Robobcop is a classic film brilliant and action packed, Peter Weller was a perfect fit, and after Robocop i just cant help to compare with the original it just wont match up, we need another Clarrence Bodicker! I mean look at this, yeah 1987 us bulkier and more mechanic looking but at least he is Robo! Whats with the hand? It just looks like armour to me, and old 1987 will always shine bright of the city of Detroit, 2014 will just see, what the hell is that floating red line?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Waterloo road case study

                                                            Waterloo Road Case Study

This is the Waterloo Road Logo
It is made up of Tables and Desks looking trashed and messy with all of the students stuff everywhere. They may have chosen this as it is set in a school and this is school desks, we also get an impression of a messy disorganised school full of trouble makers that it is.    
 Here is a set of character they are some of the staff at Waterloo roads, some of them can be considered  as a stereotype,for example an old grouchy and grumpy teacher, preferably bald. Also a young attractive secretary. There is also i wide range of cast members ranging from ages, social groups, ethnicities and sex.

Waterloo road is on on Wednesdays at 8PM on BBC One, this is just before the watershed so kids will be likely to be going to bed right now so older kids and adults can watch this without distraction, or exposing their young children the inappropriate stuff, possibly giving them bad influences.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tuesday Time

On Tuesday i watched the next Episode of Breaking Bad on Netlfix, as it comes out every sunday in America on AMC, and Sunday on Netflix :D, then i finished that off with some Dexter.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Monday, School :(

I went on youtube and watched a couple TF2 Videos (this is a game) and then moved onto Netflix and watched the last Episode of Season 3

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sunday the 1st

Today i woke up from a film night and then went to Tennis, thats media? Its on TV?
Then i went on to Youtube and watched VGHS Season 2 Episode 6 Finale it was good end to a good series (but there will be a season 3).
Then i continued to play on Steam, as this is a game program full of awesome games by valve.
After that i went to bed and watched some Dexter, only one more episode till i finished season 3.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Saturday NIGHTT

Was same old same old, lots of Games and Netflix(Media as of Games, TV and Film) , then i watched the Film Elektra, as this is a film it is media, then lots of mock the Week a TV Show, which is media

Friday 30th August

I came home and played lots of Gmod (once again, i do this alot) as this is a video game it is media related then (again) i watched Netflix as it is a Media Haven of TV and Film , then watched Back to the Future as it is a Film it is Media Related.