Monday, 20 January 2014

Titles for my Magazine

  • TST- Teen Style Today!
  • Forever a Teen
  • Girly Gossip! 
  • Female Fashion Monthly!
  • Girl Power!
  • Little Women
  • Pink Life
  • Teenage Wonders
  • Sassy Sisterhood
  • Girls run this World!

Cover Lines for my Magazine

  • Spice up your school wear!
  • The whats and nots for todays fashion
  • Delicious food fat free!
  • Super Slim workout techniques
  • Does your crush like you back?
  • Which celebrity is your identical sister!
  • Show the world your fabulous body!
  • How to impress any man you see!
  • Meet your favourite bands!
  • Our Top 10 Teenage Heartthrobs!

Monday, 13 January 2014


This is an example of a symmetrical magazine cover as the man is centred directly in the middle of the page with an equal spread of his body on either side, also there are an equal number of text on each side.

This is an example of a A symmetrical cover, this is because one side has been filled with a person, but the other side is filled up with an equal amount of text to mirror and even out the front cover.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Typography 1

                                          Modern: This i selected because it has a modern look to it, it seems like a font a game would use or a computer company, quite modern products today.

Kids: This font is a lively a bubbly font, like it would be used, as it says, in comics, a nice and youthful font.

Sport: The swish on the H gives an active look to the font, and the style it is in can represent action and movement, very sporty.

Masculine: This is very masculine as it is quite bold and the font is of an American Style, a many concept, a big bold American Captain.

Feminine: I choose this as it seems very feminine as it seems flourishing with swishes of an artistic style.

Sophisticated: This i chose as the font has a lot of serifs on making it look very sophisticated, compared to a sans serif font.

Bold: This 'Gunplay' font really stands out, looking like a stencil outline done in marker pen, it shouts at you and is easy to see.

History: This font looks like it will be used on a newspaper like the times, a sophisticated font with serifs in comparison to The Sun, and Papers capture a lot of history. And this has i nice medieval look to it, a infamous period in History.