Friday, 10 January 2014

Typography 1

                                          Modern: This i selected because it has a modern look to it, it seems like a font a game would use or a computer company, quite modern products today.

Kids: This font is a lively a bubbly font, like it would be used, as it says, in comics, a nice and youthful font.

Sport: The swish on the H gives an active look to the font, and the style it is in can represent action and movement, very sporty.

Masculine: This is very masculine as it is quite bold and the font is of an American Style, a many concept, a big bold American Captain.

Feminine: I choose this as it seems very feminine as it seems flourishing with swishes of an artistic style.

Sophisticated: This i chose as the font has a lot of serifs on making it look very sophisticated, compared to a sans serif font.

Bold: This 'Gunplay' font really stands out, looking like a stencil outline done in marker pen, it shouts at you and is easy to see.

History: This font looks like it will be used on a newspaper like the times, a sophisticated font with serifs in comparison to The Sun, and Papers capture a lot of history. And this has i nice medieval look to it, a infamous period in History.

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