Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Colour Connotations In Magazines

Different Colours can convey different meanings or connotations to the viewer.
 Different magazines, especially special interest magazines will have specific colours for the specific audiences.

            If i was designing a magazine for sports, the background i would use would be red, this is because study show that when people see the colour red it increases Physical Energy, something extremely important needed in sport.

               For a gaming magazine i may use a yellow colour, as it increases fun, and humour, something  you always need to have, especially when your gaming, and it shouldn't be different while reading a gaming magazine.

            For a magazine specifically focused on ponies, i would just the colours of Blue and Indigo, this is because it increases a feel of calmness, peace and love, a nice feel of serenity as you read about nice, flourishing ponies.


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