Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photoshop logo task

My final photoshop image looks like a good logo for a IT Ravenswood show, I have been able to incorporate some relevant pictures to my task and merge them for a final image. I am happy that my design looks whole and it makes sense, relevant to my topic, it is a IT session after school where things are out of hand. I was able to add my title accross the middle in a bright and bold coulour scheme, easier to see with my background. Some of my images had a green coulor to them to I was able to link that to Ravenswood's signature green coulor. There is also a clear example of the Ravenswood logo, what are show is all about.

I could have made my picture better if I had used some more advanced tools with my design as people may think it is just a bunch of images stuck on a page with text. I will make more of an effort to make my logo more dynamic and unique and use this to help improve my photoshopping skills .

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