Monday, 9 September 2013

Connotation and Denotation

Denotation: A gloved hand on a naked women's bum.
Connotation: A theme of a sexy picture, also they are called the Strokes
Denotation: A album cover description, distorted my pink wavy lines.
Connotation:The colour scheme looks quite feminine, also like a bright night club lights
Denotation: A Skeleton and a Devil in fire.
Connotation: A huge sentinel Skeleton playing with the devil in hell
 Denotation: 5 men in suits and ties and one women standing in the middle with a zebra stripe    background.
 Connotation: A front woman standing proud and tall, surrounded by the rest of the band looking strong, also a title in lipstick red
Denotation: 4 men in a dark place with light on there faces and one with there hands up
Connotation: The affect is making them look very big (in the music industry) and i true reflection of there music, glam rock.
Denotation: A man in darkness with light on his face.
Connotation: A deep thought looking right into you, where ever you are

Denotation: Wavy lines, like a sound wave, but resembling a mountain.
Connotation: A simple image of sound waves in an isolated environment with zero text just floating there,  just a noise
Denotation: 4 men simply standing around a bit of stone
Connotation: 4 men who i acting Rebel- Like Who , (haha get it), have just urinated on this stone monolith
Denotation:I man shaking hands with a man in a sunny place
Connotation: A postcard with, well dressed men, which one is on fire, with the slogan wish you were here, possibly the man doesn't want to show his true feelings of getting burned.
Denotation: A man with a hat in his pocket on red and white stripy background
Connotation: A true american album, (for a true american artist) on an American flag background sporting the red white and blue.


  1. you have a good amount of writing and information, you have wrote connotation and denotation in the right way and described them both in detail.